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DEWABI (dew-wah-bee) is an acronym standing for "Don't Even Worry ABout It."

Though technically an acronym, common usage is often spelled without capital letters ("dewabi" is how it usually appears when transcribed, similar to "radar" and "scuba.")

It is used primarily to reassure a speaker, "not to worry" about something. It can also be used when accepting an apology (similar to "no worries").

Less popular usages involve "dewbs" (pronounced "doobs") as shorthand for "dewabi," as well as the "wabi" (pronounced wah-bee) antonym, which means "worry about it." The latter is often used in periods of distress.
Speaker 1: "Hey, sorry I'm late."
Speaker 2: "Dewabi dude, we haven't even started yet."

Speaker 1: "I don't think _____ is contributing enough."
Speaker 2: "Dewabi, _____ will pull it together."

Speaker 1: "I shouldn't have done that."
Speaker 2: "Major dewabi dude, you're still cool."
by sirpaul February 07, 2010
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