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The Sexiest guy iin the world if u havent seen him ur nobody, every one knoes one of them.
ME:"OMG!!! did u gurls see that deshon over there"
gurLS:"o yeah!! man he was some kinda sexy"
by sacagawea June 18, 2008
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The token black guy in a group of caucasian males. Usually not the brightest but is in complete denial. Rarely a good person to be around and hard to get along with, but size may be intimidating because he is the size of a mack truck. Overfeuled with testosterone and tries to fight everyone but loses everytime. Sometimes canadian, is a total douchebag.
Will: Darren, why is Jeremy always angry and trying to fight everyone?
Darren: I don't know bro, he is being such a De'Shon
by Jester1993 August 19, 2011
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