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This word is primarily used to describe the people who have become engulfed by the phenomenon of the dance simulation game, Dance Dance Revolution. While most of these people are of asian descent(with the occasional white person with a slight tan claiming to be asian) and can be identified when there seems to be a crowd amassing in a local arcade or cinema where the game is played. Yes these kids are truly legends in their own time, the spiky gelled hair, the tight jeans that are hard to move in(yet they still glide through the air perfectly), the mostly fake designer glasses with two-tone lenses, the silver chain that usually is some bizarre design involving a dragon or a flame, the loose watch that moves as they do, the strong spray deoderant smell because they perspire much and try to mask it, and the shoes that can be anywhere from Jordans to Vans(depending on race and cash flow). I myself make it a point to unplug the Dance Dance revolution arcade game anytime they have a large crowd and seem to be on a 100+ combo.
Joe: Hey Mike did you see that DDRkid?

Mike: Yea that kid is totally fake asian.

Joe: Lets unplug his game and then take his ten dollars in quarters to go by brew.
by Patchophile April 06, 2005
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