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A douche bag.Similar to a skate poser,except with DC clothes.
We all know someone like this,all they wear is DC clothes,talk about how awesome DCs are,and usually act like they skate.These people are also the first to get that 'deer in the headlights' look when you ask them who Ken Block is or when DC was founded.
Guy:Hey man,nice DCs.
DC poser:Oh thanks dude.I love DC.
Guy:When was DC founded?

DC Poser:Like 2005?
Guy:Who owns DC?
DC Poser:Rob Dyrdek?
Guy:Who is Ken Block?
DC Poser:I don't know.
Guy:Come on!He's on the back of you're fucking shirt!
DC Poser:Oh,yeah!He's a nascar driver.
Guy:God you're such a DC Poser.
by Chouk April 23, 2010
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