A common abbreviation for Draw A Little Picture statedby math teachers everywhere. It is used by students to get out of every question. It will be our savior.
When in doubt, DALP it out.
by Bo'Nicci March 9, 2016
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One who isn't as funny as he is hairy.
Known as the Don or the longer version...anal mastodon.
by Arty the one man party July 14, 2003
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1.the act of self fist-fucking while self-sucking.
2.To eat cereals (lucky charms) with beer and with a fork.
1.As I entered the frat room, all the boys were dirty dalpeing so I joined the group.
2. I was so hungry at the end of the party that I ate a dirty dalpe.
by Méotruchon March 10, 2007
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