1: Noun- A wild dog from India that is known to hunt in packs and attacks prey much larger than itself, such as tigers and gazelle.

2: Noun- A slang term for a shlong or a cock. (Penis)
1. A pack of dholes is running wild in my pants.

2. yo, jeezy, she sucked my dhole last night. Then she greased it wif her mink.

2. Yo, I got's to axe u sumthin, wilkl you suck my dhole?
by Matt, Michael, and Kevin June 08, 2006
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Short for doughnut hole. Calling someone a D hole means that they are often trying to fit in and actually do so pretty well. But, they are usually forgotten about because they are just recycled. Doughnut holes tastes the same as a big donut but will usually be lesser because they are small and recycled like trash. It's like saying someone just blends in perfectly and isn't unique at all. However, calling them a dd hole is sort of a complement because Dunkin' Donuts holes are actually recycled holes themselves so they're easier to spot.
Matt: Is that Sadie back there making doughnuts?
Alex: I can't really tell because she's a d hole.
Sadie: What? I'm a dd hole.
by knockrayssn June 24, 2011
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