An EXCEPTIONAL rapper from Connecticut. He raps about the following: depression, weed, struggles, life, real shit. He owns a recording studio in Stratford, CT. Some mixtapes he has are Growing Pains, Pipe Dreams, Danimal Rising, Silence the Lames, etc. Dr. Lector has worked with artists such as Chris Webby, Nikki Fresh, Daniel Zavaro, Timbuck, Ryan Z., Billy Beats, Jitta On The Track, Megan Aviles, etc. He currently has a wife and a newborn son. He strongly appreciates and interacts with his few thousand fans (called Maniacs, or Ladiacs-for females). I suggest you follow him on twitter and check out his music. He will not disappoint. @DLector
"I'm sick of being picked on, I'm tired of being treated poorly, sometimes I wish you fucking people would ignore me. I get it, I don't fit in. I haven't since the beginning. Imagine, imagine, imagine what I could have been if I applied myself, never did though." -Switch Shoes feat. Megan Aviles (On the mixtape "Growing Pains") by D Lector
by whatsadfjlka February 13, 2013
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