1. More commonly referred to as "Cypress Crack" or "Boricua High;" a school populated to a great extent by hispanic students, currently under the control of a fascist dictator, referred to as "Zombie Commander" by many. Also houses a small population of elitist, antisocial students.

syn. Puerto Rico, see also IB.
Hey guys, Cypress only lost the game by 35 today!

Oye, escuchaste esa nueva cancion de reggaeton?
by Dany March 27, 2005
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Most of the school is filled with white rich kids that live in Lexington. The first year the school opened our vice principal got arrested, and half the middle school population has blue hair. Class of ‘23 is filled with a whole lotta bums. Their drama filled lives are irrelevant, two girls got in a fight over a boy in front of the ice cream machine. The school is trash. Who tf thought it was a good idea to put middle and high school together.
They’re from cypress creek oh they cypress freaks. Home of cypress creek middle high school.
by Cumblaster5000 March 28, 2020
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