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Sexy, crazy, lost in her own world, one of a kind woman. She loves her alcohol almost as much as she loves her men. In a man she wants an ugly, weather torn, rude, crude, tattooed, douche. Barefoot in public. Stubborn and clumsy. Falls off her shoes, when she wears them. Watch out when she's on the war-path, she can be obnoxious with an extremely foul mouth. She naturally head butts with other women. She's usually a dirty blonde with great tits and wild eyes. Public nuisance. Have fun with this one but dig your nails in cause it's gonna be a wild ride!
Weather Torn Douche: "Man did you see that Cygania run over that pedestrian?"
Random Woman with Saggy Breasts: "Yeah, it was cool if you like that she yelled out 'Victory is mine!' when she made the second pass!"
Weather Torn Douche: "I do like it, love is pain."
Random Woman with Saggy Breasts: "And where are her shoes...??"
by BlueWaffleMe August 24, 2010
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