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The Term "Cyberpath" was originally used to describe how electronics work in computer systems.

Colloquially, a cyberpath is defined as an individual with a pathological disorder who has access to the internet and uses the internet as a medium for acting out his or her pathology. Another definition is that a cyberpath has come to mean a psychopath who uses the internet to find, stalk, and exploit others either online or in real life.
I fell victim to a cyberpath who later almost ruined my relationship and made me give up drawing.
by Dr. Mask January 16, 2011
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1. A sociopath with access to the internet.

2. Cyberpaths are just sociopaths who've taken their games to the computer age. They can lie all they want, and who's going to prove them wrong? Pictures, stories, there's no way to prove any of it is really them. They do not scruple to steal others' online info and pictures to create a false front for you to adore. One cyberpath used naughty photos of herself to entice men to chat with her and send her money, though she'd gained about 30 lbs since they were taken. Those who did flirt with her were made unwitting chubby chasers. You have only someone's word that any picture of them is accurate.
A Cyberpath Nearly Ruined My Marriage.
by Dr. Mask January 11, 2011
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