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A person that has to constantly say everything on their mind on a blog in order to feel relevant even at a time when no one else is contributing to the said blog. Person is unable to hold themselves back like with Turrets syndrome they also may encounter a type of tic. Typically in the fingers or what they type with. An armless person who types with their feet may have tic in their toes.
Ward commented on a sports blog at:

Ward @ 2:06A.M. I would like to make a comment on Pendleton. I wonder if he got a book for Dummies on How To Be A First Base Coach?

Ward @ 2:12A.M. Anyways you get the idea…….To the Heat Fans your team sucks!!!! Get over it!!!! Trust in Kimbrel’s stuff! He has a great fastball; I think he could be as good as Rob Dibble…..

Ward @ 2:15A.M. Instead of The Heat. Your team should be called the Char-Coals……. Just a little joke!! Anyone listening?? Time for bed night all…..and be good!

Ward @ 2:18A.M. My toilet is stopped up!?! Man how did humans ever exist without plumbing?!

Ward @ 2:21A.M. Why does it hurt when I poopy? My bum hurts!? Go!! Braves!!!

Other Blogger @ 8:00A.M. WTF?!?!?! I think Ward has Cyberets dysfunction!!
by PureEvilOne February 04, 2011
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