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A shop designed for ravers and other drugged up weirdos. pretty awesome shop but i wouldn't pay £80 for a tshirt with a light on the front. located in Camden town.
Raver: "lets go to cyberdog"
raver #2: "i can't afford their overpriced merchendise because i spent all my money on E's"
Raver: "who cares about buying stuff, Cyberdog is teh awesome!"
by MushroomHead August 24, 2005
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forum whore of the rusty joystick - renowned perv and total web monkey
fucking hell - does that cyberdog ever log off? he must have his ass glued to his seat
by steven hamilton-healey February 17, 2005
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A female dog, ie a bitch, with severely impaired intelligence and electronic body parts.
Guy 1:I heard the only way that dog survived was giving it cyber surgery.

Guy 2: They made a cyberdog?! They should have just put it down.
by DG February 18, 2005
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