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A collective term for the flagrant and deliberate misuse of a computer and/or the internet, including (but not limited to) e-mail and comment spam, spyware, viruses, password harvesting, and the like.

Refers specifically to the kind of dickish behavior that is only able to exist because of computers. For example, simply e-mailing a dickish letter to a single person would not qualify as cyberdickery because that person could have, in bygone centuries, just as easily sent that dickish letter via paper mail. Writing a dickish letter and sending it to ten million people, however, is something only made practical by the advent of e-mail, and is a classic example of cyberdickery.
Setting up and maintaining a mailing list would be easy if it weren't for all the rampant cyberdickery in the world.
by PurpleNinjaGirl December 05, 2011
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