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Cyber metal is a form of heavy metal somewhere in a continuum between post-thrash (groove metal) and industrial metal. Generally speaking, it utilizes the pummeling guitar sound of thrash music but complements it wish harsh industrial-styled electronics. Riffs range from thrash-like to groove-like, and often probe the prog metal realm with technical staccato riffs referred to as "jackhammer".

Cyber metal can be easily distinguished from industrial metal because the latter tends to utilize very artificial, digital sounding guitars. While cyber metal does sometimes incorporate more industrial-esque beats ranging from dance to hip-hop in style, as a whole the rhythms are inspired by traditional metal.

Lyrical themes range from the heavily political to science-fiction. Note that the science fiction is of a darker, more realistic tone than the comic book schlock of power metal.

Key examples of cyber metal are Fear Factory, Obliveon, Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Voivod, and early Circle of Dust before they went industrial.
Digifuck Nihilex are a new cyber metal band from Norway. Known for their heavily processed vocals, 9 string guitars, and the 143/12 time signature drummer Nils Sjøbjørn invented, DfN are taking the scene by storm.
by Cheesy Goodness April 30, 2008
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