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The removal of a computer virus that has infected your system to the point where it has become unusable. Often preformed by a person of superior computer knowledge. A geek. Generally but not always associated with a program that continually preforms unsolicited scans of your computer and informs you of numerous fake critical errors that it will gladly repair once you have provided the cyber thieves with your credit card information.
Jim: John, could you stop by when you have a chance. Today?

John: Have you got another computer viris Jim?

Jim: I've got a bad one this time John, really bad! I almost threw my PC off the tenth floor balcony last night. Can you stop by and preform another cyber exorcism for me John?

John: Ok Jim, I stop by later tonight and see what I can do.

Jim: Thanks John! I owe you big time!
by gyrfalcon206 June 04, 2011
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