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A Cyara is a thoughtful, spontaneous, unique, and typically pretty person. Enjoys living in the now. Rarely is mad and always has a smile. Is known to live on the edge at times even when there is plenty at stake. A Cyara is most compatible with Ryans or Zachs.
She is such a Cyara.

That is what a Cyara would do.
by GrammarGod February 04, 2010
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This bitch will slice your fucking head off, stop playing with her. Especially those ugly, dusty, crusty ass niggas in her grade she is too fucking pretty for y'all and if don't think so then y'all can go get a life cause y'all is missing out on the great girl....
Damn! This girl is fine asf and she thick!

Bruh she too pretty for y'all she's mine ,and her name is Cyara
by Get ya freakin ankles broken February 26, 2018
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Cyara dates people that are uglier then them because they want to feel pretty.
Very insecure but in reality is hot asf.
"Dude your girlfriend is way to hot for you, she must be pulling a Cyara"
by ChaoticColors February 08, 2017
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Cyara could be the most amazing friend when you get to know her, but she can be a little rude and annoying if you get on her nerves, seriously don’t get on her nerves cause you’re loosing someone really awesome. But, like you know she can really push you away if your not good enough, and steal your friends.
Person 1: Omg! Is that Cyara?!
Person 2: Yeah!! She’s so great
by Heyonunyaloser June 09, 2019
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