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The maximum amount of people that a Jacuzzi can hold. A Cuzziload varies based on the size of a Jacuzzi. The sizes of various Cuzzis are taken into account when determining a Cuzziload Conversion formula for comparing multiple Cuzzis. Cuzziload calculations are a component of the study of Cuzzinology. Students must take a Cuzziload Examination as one of their requirements to graduate.
Guy 1: Yo whats the Cuzziload for this Cuzzi?

Guy 2: 25 people. Yo I know how to do it. I took a Cuzzinology class on it.

Girl 1: The Cuzziload at the other place was only 10! This is way better!

Guy 2: Yea but there is a Cuzzi at this Crystal Lagoon with a Cuzziload of 100 people.

Guy 1: Thats a Cuzziload?!

Guy 2: More like 10 Cuzziloads!!
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by Daytony500fan March 06, 2017
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