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A cuzone is a boat displayed in public (generally seaside towns) for decorative purposes, and filled with flowers. Other flower-filled objects such as wheelbarrows and the like are variations on cuzones, and can be described as a wheelbarrow-cuzone: the implication being that the default meaning of cuzone is its general boat form.

Cuzone is pronounced 'kooh-zon': on as in on, not own as in own. Misspellings promulgated by amateurs include cuzon, cuson and kuzon. There is definitely only one correct spelling of cuzone. The word originated in the South West of the UK in the 1990s, where cuzones are prevalent and there was no adequate synonym available.
Unfortunately I was unable to publish a link to a photo of a cuzone, but I found some by entering 'Boat filled with flowers' into a search engine. If you're interested in cuzones, then visit Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Burnham-on-Sea or the Isle of Wight, where they are popular. Why not make one yourself? All you need is a boat and some flowers.
by egwuh January 26, 2012
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