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Created in North Battkeford (see Uncle). Cuz'in is Uncle's second hand man, so it's usually Uncle-Cuz'in-You

Cuz'in is of aboriginal descent or a half blood, and no older than 30 usually
Hey Cuz'in is Uncle in de back?
by The Bacon Grease Messiah October 26, 2010
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something you would call someone if you were arguing with them , instead of their name or "b"
"Chill cuzin!! I wasn't wit yo girl last night!"
by totallydude October 28, 2007
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That homie that isn’t actually your cousin but you tell everyone you are cousins because you might as well be related
Hey man that’s my cuzin, Isaac, nah we ain’t related but everyone thinks we are
by Its_M23 July 16, 2018
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