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If someone says 'cut the small talk', it means that this pointless conversation is headed nowhere and has no meaning. It can be used when:
- The person is tired of wasting their time and energy talking or doing something with someone, feeling it is going nowhere

Applicable situations:
1) First encounter with a stranger, too much small talk
2) Multiple encounters with stranger, with nothing happening
3) Estranged family members, you mutually both wouldn't go out of your way to meet them after the event

Do not use if you:
- Will feel awkward afterwards, or feel the need to talk to people around you to prevent 'awkward silence'
- Have got no balls (applicable to male and female)

Do use if you:
- Would rather sit there in another persons company and not talk because theres no point.
'Lets cut the small talk'
by sugar dognuts June 09, 2018
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