one of the greatest djs ever. He has worked with Dj shadow, Dj Numark, Hymnal and more. Cut Chemist IS NOT A BAND! he is just a dj. Whats the altitude is not a good example of his amazing turntablism. Find the song storm or the garden. If u dont like the album "The Audiance is Listening" then find some of his old work. He is crazy. look him up on you tube or somethin they have good vids
Guy with good music Taste : Damn yo Cut Chemists concert was Crazy!

Disser: Meh i think he sucks

Guy with good music Taste: O yea?

*Disser gets jumped by the crowd.......then shot by tupac
by Dj.Atmozpheer August 30, 2007
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the worst band to ever walk this planet

i'm serious
listen to What's the Altitude by Cut Chemist and you'll get what i'm saying
by potency37 November 28, 2006
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Cut Chemist is the preforming name of Lucas MacFadden. Cut Chemist was a part of Jurassic 5 until he parted to work on a Solo album called The Audiance is Listening, which everyone says is crap, but really isn't. He is insirational to begining dj's such as myself (or at least i think so). Cut chemist usually inserts cuts of speech and blends them with hip hop or trip hop elements.
by mills yo February 11, 2007
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