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adjective: 1. Cannot and willnot allow customs in a tournament or friendly environment
2. prickly 3. pretty salty

Sm4sh community :
I'm not saying you can't play standard, but I should be able to play customs.

noun: Customophobe
One whom is afraid of players that use customs.
"What do you think of Customs?"
"Customs-on pleyars should have separate water fountains."
"That is very Customophobic."

Customs never messed up The Messiah in EVO Top 8. Grand Finals were two standard dudes. Here in 1.1.0 I find it wildly inferior to be Customophobic.

"We don't say things that are like discriminatory, (oh homophobic, right?), we just try to be inclusive and let everybody enjoy the love that is playing super smash brothers..."
-Bobby Scarnewman; The Scar & Toph Show: 1-5 1:36:14
by th izizi t November 08, 2015
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