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Cursed Romantics are the most oblivious people on the planet. They are people that are good looking, confident, and get people to fall for them without even knowing it. These people are also great romantics who enjoy nothing better than being with someone, but never have the chance to do so because of the curse. The curse is a cycle of 9 steps.
Step 1.The person with the curse likes a person.

Step 2.The cursed person decides after spending a little time with the person that they are not getting the reaction they'd like from the person and try to move on.

Step 3.The cursed moves on to another person in an attempt to get over the last person.

Step 4.Person that the cursed liked originally realizes that they have extremely strong feelings for the cursed.

Step 5.Cursed obliviously follows after 2nd person, who is also not getting the relationship they want.

Step 6.This following of another person by the cursed causes the original liked person to become sad and hearbroken, especially since the cursed to too oblivious to notice that they original has finally returned their feelings for them.

Step 7.A long time later, the oblivious cursed romantic will found out that their original person liked them back. They will try to go after that person.

Step 8.Only to find that person dating a person that is one of your friends but lesser than you (not as good looking, fatter, drab, ect.).

Step 9.This causes the cycle to start over again.
Girl 1: " Did you hear that Steven never had a girlfriend? He seems like the kind who would have had a lot."

Girl 2: "Yeah, it's not like he's gay, he's just a cursed romantic."
by Disonnance January 07, 2011
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