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The Curse of Ronan Tynan refers to the coincidence that the the New York Yankees have not won the World Series since they began regularly hiring Tynan to perform God Bless America after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Legend has it that the Curse curses the team for bringing religion into baseball and exploiting the nation's tragedy to promote the baseball team. Apparently, the Yankees organization has been punished by supernatural forces that have prevented a World Series Championship to return to New York until the organization separates, again, religion from baseball, terrorist attacks from a sporting franchise. Since the Curse of the Bambino fell in 2004, this curse is the most widely accepted baseball curse outside the Curse of the Billy Goat which supposedly curses the Chicago Cubs.
a-rod sucks! he's only contributing to the Curse of Ronan Tynan.
by Viktor II October 08, 2007
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