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The Curse of Cathy is a severe mental handicap running on the occurence of XX chromosome configurations in some families. Symptoms include:

-Praising scientologist Travolta flicks like Battlefield Earth
-Paying more attention to fantasy movies than your children
-Having children in rehab
-Laughing like Kefka from Final Fantasy 6
Curse of Cathy
To the tune of "The Curse of Feanor" by Blind Guardian

Taken the long way
Dark rooms I went through
I arrived
My vision's so clear
In anger and pain
I felt deep wounds ahead
But I arrived
Truth might be changed by ignorance

Beyond the void but deep within me
A swamp of filth exists
A lake it was of crystal beauty
But my sister's ass went by
I've heard the warning (TRAVOLTA!)
Well curse my name
I'll keep on laughing (At her movies)
No regret
No regret

chorus (1):
Don't fear the eyes of the dark mom
Cathy I cried
All hope is gone cuz you're dumb again
Hear my oath
I won't take part in your dumb shit!

I will always remember my cries
Like a shadow which covers the light
I will always remember the time
But it's past
I cannot turn back the time
(I) don't look back
There's still smoke near the oven
But I arrived
Revenge be mine

chorus (2):
I won't take part in your dumb fate
Cathy I cried
It's my oath
So I reject the eyes
Of the dark mom

Soon you will be free
Set your ignorance loose
"Suddenly I realized
The prophecies
I've never believed in
My deeds were right
you've stained the land
And slain my life
(Via degrading comments)
There's no release from your sins
It hurts
Time and only time will tell us
Tell: was I right or wrong?
When anger breaks through
I'll leave mercy behind"

chorus (2)

I will always remember my cries
Like a shadow they'll cover my life
But I'll also remember the times
(And) after all I'm still alive...

But barely! Get me out!
by Nobody Suspicious May 30, 2004
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