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Lives in a cave more commonly known as The Currie Cave Sexier than anyone ever thought could be humanly possible, can be spotted in a good ol' mosh pit from time to time, got buns of steal but doesn't dance so you'll never see it wiggle, attracted towards the colour pink a little too much, this chick diggs him, he would happily stradle beyonce if she got within reaching distance & last but not least has the sad but true need to fart in someone elses face every now and again... that or make them smell whatever may be lingering within his belly button.

A truely strange creature but everyone that knows him, loves him.

If you don't know him yer clearly missin' out ;)
any attempts to challenge the curriebear will result in utter failure. Everyone knows... CURRIE ALWAYS WINS.
by TinyPixie February 04, 2010
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