The sticky goop on and around children's hands and face, comprised mostly of snot, drool, half eaten cheerios and other partially consumed food products.
(N) After eating dinner, the kid got away before we could wash his hands and he proceeded to cover everything in the vicinity in curm.
(Adj) Keep your curmy-handed child off of me!
(V) I just had this shirt cleaned and my toddler curmed all over it.
by shipwreck Jonny April 1, 2015
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When someone farts cum out of their arse after anal sex and the other person eats it straight from their arsehole.
“She said she’d only try anal if I agreed to eating curm from her arse after. It was disgusting”
by MissBlob May 29, 2018
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Your a Curm seed.
by Nakejae March 15, 2022
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