The action of going to the bathroom after having sex and pissing and cumming at the same time.
Hey, Jimmy Imma' go Curly Q real quick.
by JImmyJohnsSandwichGuy February 12, 2020
A curly q is when you poop and it curls, then tickles your nutsack.
your nuts smell like shit dude
Oh, that's because i totally curly q'ed
by cholrus December 3, 2010
A sexual act where a very flexible woman leans over backwards from a standing position and puts her head between her legs so she can lick testicles of the man who is having intercourse with her.
Chris: "So what ever happened with that chick from your yoga class last night?"

Kyle: "Dude, she took me back to her place and gave me the Curly Q Special!"

Chris: "Wow! I'm going to start doing yoga tomorrow!"
by KonkeyDong November 18, 2010