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A Payed dating website that is a rip-off. Check out instead, or anyone that isn't
So I buy a 50 dollar 3 month membership to
Guess what? You can send emails and messages to other

members BUT THEY CAN'T READ OR RESPOND TO THEM unless they also have a gold or platinum membership. It's RETARDED because 90% of the people on only have the free membership. This means with gold membership you can
still only communicate with other people who have payed membership. This automatically disqualifies almost everyone on that site from being able to communicate with you, and thus potentially date you. AT, I understand that anyone with a free membership can reply to messages and chat initiatives from those with payed memberships. I assumed this would be the case with, but I discovered that it's not.

So tl;dr, If your gona buy a membership to a dating site, don't use can eat a dick.
by ({*v*}) SO_kawaii_desu June 27, 2010
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