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where the heel of a female overlaps the edge on the heel of her shoe as a result of trying to fit into a shoe that is a 1/2 size smaller
That chick's foot is waaay bigger than her shoe, her heel over laps the edge and it looks like cupcake top.
by juvas juice September 28, 2012
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Like muffin top, but cuter, less repulsive, or less pronounced.
Jeff: Check out that girl's muffin top!
Matt: It's kinda cute in a way. Like cupcake top.
by alsteric January 13, 2009
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Like muffin top, but with a fancy belt.
Travis: Dude, check out that girls cupcake top!
Steve: Yeah, that belt is holding up a lot of frosting.
by CoolNebraskaGuy October 27, 2011
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