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Cunty McFuck is a mythical creature who is the root cause behind every unachieveable task, and will often go out of their way to just plain fuck you arround. Cunty McFuck and Nick Kershaw have never been seen together.....wierd
- after rounding off a bolt head or inflicting a nice wound to your hand when a spanner slips

"ahh for fuck sake, Cunty McFuck has been here again"
by Walkinshaw December 10, 2008
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An exclamation used by kangaroo point natives to describe surprise or pain, maybe even disappointment. It is generally accepted that cuntymcfuck is far less offensive than its relatives cunt !! or fuck. also basis of an awsome brand CMF
"cuntymcfuck i hit my thumb with a sledge hammer"
by rob couk January 15, 2008
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