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Derived from the word "cunt" (One of the most offensive words in the English language)

A more lighthearted and slightly less offensive way to call someone a cunt. The Irish twist adds an air of humor depending on situation. Usually used as a joke (even though you are half serious).

This term is usually used behind someone's back or to a person of familiarity that understands sarcasm.

This term is slowly, but surely, finding its way into the mouth of every white teen girl and adolescent woman in America.
Example 1:
Kelsey: Dude, she ate all of my humus last night and didn't even ask.
Karley: What a little Cunty McCunt Face. You should confront her about it.

Example 2:
Meghan: Hey can you sleep on the couch tonight? My man is coming to visit from out of town.
Drew: Bitch please.....I am sleeping in my bed tonight.
Meghan: Don't be a Cunty McCunt Face.....I got sexiled last weekend.
Drew: Haha I'm kidding, of course i will take one for the team.
by SurferCuntUSA November 21, 2011
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An Irish cunt with class.

A classy person with superbly asshole qualities.
Bob: "Mate, you're a cunt!"
Jenny: "That's Cunty McCuntface to you! Peasant."
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by Pinkerbelle May 09, 2018
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