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Cuntley is a an uptight cunt that brags about working at a library. She thinks that she is the best singer in the choir, but everyone always laughs at her when she tries out for a solo. She loves to wear hideous skirts that don't match her shirts, and half of the time she looks like a man. Her hobbies include reading, eating, putting away books, and hating on Miley Cyrus. She goes on and on about how Miley has no talent, when the truth is that even though Miley sucks she has a billion times more talent than Cuntley. Oh and also she has her keys attatched at her hip and there is a little bottle of hand sanitizer connected to it.
Gaga: Oh my gosh Cuntley, put the books down! You read enough!

Cuntley: Shut up Gaga! I am better than you at everything, and I am the coolest person alive because I work at the library.

Gaga: Oh yes Cuntley, I am definitely jealous. You are the coolest person alive, and I wish I was more manly like you.
by Gaga Fan June 03, 2010
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