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The phrase "Cunting my Spastic" is to be used very selectively. It's not to be bandied around like the promises of governments and banks as the C word and the S word are particularly offensive in most places the English language is spoken.

The phrase itself, despite its obvious offensive qualities, makes no sense and that's what really sets it apart from all other frustrated comments you might make about a person or persons.

Your boss would possibly curl up and die the billion deaths you want him to if you used it in front of a client. Your mother would give you a "seismic cunting" if you uttered it at grandmas funeral.

so with this warning you must only utter this phrase when there's simply nothing else to say. When you're so desperately seething with impotent rage that you may shit your lungs out. For moments when your entire focus and purpose in life is to watch another person or persons suffer from the most horrific verbal abuse, so vehemently violent should your expulsion of these words be that the release of such profanity will make a thousand relgious people curse your name for all eternity.

Use it wisely, it is dangerous.
defending the recent abortion of a financial situatiuon a Labour party politician had the cheek to say "it wasn't our fault" whilst I knawed his mandible. "shut up, you're cunting my spastic" I replied when my mouth was mildly less full.

This is an excerpt from "Dreams of the Angry" written by Captain No Cash because you spunked it up the wall like a bunch of Union Twats. This name is a pseudonym.
by Aaaaaaaaaaaargh January 13, 2011
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