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Cuntemolegist: A specialist in the field of cuntemolegy. Many young men and even women these days begin early stages of this training in high school, continuing on to university or college, and into early adulthood. Professional cuntemolegists must pass the bar exam offered only by the Vernon Associated Genital Inspectors National Association, or simply V.A.G.I.N.A. Professional cuntemolegists must log over one thousand hours of intimate vaginal inspection and be able to log and classify all known types of human vaginas.
Tony was in deep in preparation for his cuntemolegists exam, the four girls in his dorm room lay side by side on his bed, legs high in the air, while Tony tested various theories of taste, stimulation, and sensatation. Tony loaded new batteries in the cuntemolegists secret weapon, the high speed monstervibe! bearded clam pussy gash
by vinter July 01, 2010
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