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1) Small change. Normally used in relation to 1p, 2p and 5p coins scavenged from unwashed trouser pockets or the back of sofas when in desperate need of cash. Also used in relation to inconveniently huge amounts of change given when a cashier has run out of notes.

So named because of the inconvenience caused to those on the recieving end (and those directly involved) of (and in) the transaction.
"The queue isn't moving because that bloke at the front is paying for 20 Bensons in Cunt's Tender"

"I went to the shop this morning to buy a packet of Apple Hubba Bubba. I only had a £20 note but they had no fivers or tenners! So I've now got a pocket of Cunt's Tender and a very bad case of the John Wayne hemorrhoids."
by Skinbro July 23, 2007
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