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A male or female who performs oral sex on men with the specific goal of earning the man's cum. True cumlovers view getting a load of cum shot in their mouth as a reward for giving a good blowjob. True cumlovers always swallow.
Shawn must be a real cumlover. He sucked off every guy at the party and swallowed every drop of cum.
by swvsucker March 18, 2015
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Usually a woman who has an addiction with male semen.
*Woman sucking on a penis*

Man: Damn girl you sure know how to suck that big dick.

Woman: Just you wait until i get to the juicy part.

Man: Damn bitch, you are such a cumlover.
by Poontalicious Dude March 28, 2009
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If you feel a man break away from you after sex, even after he’s been telling you beautiful things, then you’ve been with a “Cum Lover.”

He’s your lover when he’s about to cum, but when he’s not charged up sexually, he doesn’t have those same feelings.

Pay attention to what a man says over the course of a day when you’re not having sex. Men's real feelings come out after the sex.
He seemed so into me and affectionate but I haven't heard from him since we had sex last week...
...Girl, he's just a Cum Lover and hollers at you when he wants sex.
by porcelain_dame May 06, 2018
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