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When you fall asleep while masturbating. There can be a number of reasons why you fall asleep while masturbating. Usually it's because you are in the comfort of your own bed, late at night, and the feeling of fatigue overwhelms you before you can "finish the job". Or you don't have a computer close by and so you try to just masturbate to the image of a heaving breasted, booty poppin', enormous lipped woman in your head, but fail to imagine an adequate enough female that would make a man jizz in his trousers. You may also fall asleep because the thrill of sleeping feels like it would be much more enjoyable than the thrill of chocking the chicken, but fail to realize this until midway through the "Jerk Off Sesh". Or sometimes the pornography is so bad that you just fall asleep out of pure sexual frustration. Sometimes you inadvertently finish cumming during a wet dream later on that night, however rare, it's still a possibility.
Brian: "Brah I totes was trying to fall asleep last night but the image of Claudette popped up into my mind and I got really horned up, so i started strokin' it, but I was so tired that I just fell asleep half way through."

Collin: "Dude why did you just tell me about your cumdozing sesh? like TMI!"
by Mister Schnickles April 28, 2011
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