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Name given to the oft-neglected male partner of a Cumberbitch. Said male seldom has control of the television remote, and is forced to watch repeated screenings of "Sherlock". If the Cumberbachelor shares a computer with his Cumberbitch, he will be subjected to Photoshopped screensavers and wallpaper of Benedict Cumberbatch and his own partner. Conference of Cumberbachelor status upon a male Trekkie may cause resentment or confusion. The Cumberbitch may insist that the Cumberbachelor change his hair colour, style, and texture, to fit with Benedict Cumberbatch's latest film or television role. A Cumberbachelor is akin to a Football Widow or Gamer Widow.
"Gee Dave, you might as well move in, you've been here every night this week."
"Yeah Sam, Jane's hired out all the seasons of Sherlock again, call me a Cumberbachelor".
by emmelby July 04, 2013
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