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1. The Collective term for Benedict Cumberbatch's admirers
2. One of Benedict's most preferred names for his many fans
3. The family-friendly version of Cumberbitches
"I'm a proud member of the CumberCollective"
"And Benedict what are your fans called?" "... The CumberCollective"
by pentan-1-ol May 30, 2013
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The false fandom name for fans of Benedict Cumberbatch. The name fans use who are too embarrassed to use the correct term, Cumberbitches. This falsification of dedication for the amazing Benedict Cumberbath by using this incorrect name shows that they really aren't that big of fans in the first place.
Did you say you were part of the Cumber Collective? You can leave now, we don't want your kind here. The Cumberbitches have spoken.
by HoneyYouShouldSeeMeInACrown December 26, 2013
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