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Also known as "Cum of Olympia" or "Titan Cumming".

When a guy, cums in a girl with so much force and volume that "Blowback" or heavy spillage occurs.

"Cum of the Titans" is best described using the following analogy.

Have you ever dropped and entire packet of Mentos into a bottle of Diet coke, well imagine that while trying to put ur mouth over the top of the bottle.

Sometimes referred to as "The Blowhole"
Sarah was so happy after I gave her the Cum of the Titans last night.

Damn I got so much blow back last night, it was totally a Cum of the Titans!!

You should have seen Sarah's Face after I gave her an Alpha Injection it truly was a Cum of The Titans!
by Justforthelols December 17, 2011
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