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An ancient remedy which cures all female ailments, Its a very special art which can only be performed by a True Alpha (A Large Male Usually taller than 6ft 5), it comprises of a large boner being
inserted into a females vagina followed by a large amount of "Remedy" which is injected deep into the pussy. Variations of this can also be performed in the mouth, or in the arse, but if performed to shallow, will not be as effective. Wasted remedy can be perfomed between the tits, under the arm, in the hand, between the feet, behind the knee, and in the hair of the female.
"Hey Sarah, I can cure that with an Alpha Injection"

"Why go to the DR when my Alpha Injection will cure that"

"Ive been saving some hardcore remedy for your next Alpha Injection"
by Justforthelols December 02, 2011
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