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A technique used to avoid spillage and stains from semen following an ejaculation produced by manual stimulation. On sensing that ejaculation is imminent, the female partner places her active hand around the very top of the glans of her partner’s penis, encircling the glans and providing a receptacle for his ejaculation. This largely prevents semen being propelled onto clothing or upholstery. If ejaculation is likely to be forceful, the female partner’s other hand can be used as a chimney cap, to ensure that the semen is retained in the cum chimney. Once ejaculation is complete, the contents of the cum chimney can be absorbed by tissues or a suitable flannel or towel.
“How was your date honey? Godfrey seemed like a nice boy. I hope you behaved yourselves in Dad’s car.”

“It was good Mom - he wanted to pay for dinner and had a good line in conversation. He did ask if I wanted to do some petting out in the driveway, but I didn’t really want to go far. I gave him a hand job and a peck of a kiss, that’s all Mom.”

“I hope you didn’t leave any mess in your father’s car honey?”

“Don’t worry Mom, I made sure I had a cum chimney in place, so we kept everything clean!”

“You’re a good girl Regine - and did you leave one of the windows open a little to get some fresh air through “

“Yes Mom, don’t panic, Dad won’t know anything happened.”
by Katie4eyes June 22, 2018
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