A major orgasm with semen squirting everywhere after sex or masturbation.
That was one cum explosion you did to my behind
by Dick2Ass69 February 29, 2016
Cum that has an explosive effect on woman and objects. Usually explodes on contact.
Girl1: Wow, Look at that guy over there! He looks like he has explosive cum.
Girl2: How do you know?
Girl1: He jizzed into my mouth about a month ago
Girl2: Is that why you were in hospital?
Girl1: Yeah, totally worth it though
by Lolsonpolls October 16, 2013
When a black person farts cum after an anal while also shitting. It is used in the sexual black community
"Wow was that a nigga fart cum poop explosion!?"
by Gustav Andersen October 21, 2020
when a black person farts and has an orgasm at the same time while also having explosive diarrhea
Eww dude was that a nigga fart cum poop explosion? That was nasty as fuck!
by Gustav Andersen August 31, 2020