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1. noun. A female whom is so fucking adorable that one cannot ravage her sexually; therefore, one must resort to excessive cuddling and rigorous snuggling.

2. verb. To cuddle excessively and snuggle rigorously.

3. verb. The act of swindling, cheating, stealing or dissuading someone.

4. The polar opposite/pornographic version of Spongebob Squarepants.
1. I would rather enjoy fucking Ann; however, she is a Cuddlefish Snugglefuck.

2. I cuddlefish snugglefucked the shit out of her.

3. Look, man, I am not trying to cuddlefish snugglefuck you out of anything.

4. Dude, have you seen Cuddlefish Snugglefuck 7: Young, Tight Bikini Bottoms?
by Cuddlefish Snugglefuck December 05, 2008
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