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When you are cuddling up against someone's butt (i.e. spooning), then that person is your Cuddlebum.

This term came to fruition and gained popularity from the show Will & Grace when one of the characters asked "Will you cuddle me bum?" and the nickname Cuddlebum was then given.
RANDOM GIRL: I'm lonely and cold; I need someone to cuddle me bum!

RANDOM BOY: I'm lonely. I wish I had a Cuddlebum!

(**BOY and GIRL hear each other, look at each other, sparks fly. They get in bed together and spoon**)
by cuddlemenow March 25, 2010
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when two people (usually friends or lovers) turn around so their rears are facing each other and then proceed to shake their bootys at alternating right angles to the direction they are facing.
i cuddlebummed laura earlier

would you like a cubblebum?
by J0e B April 25, 2008
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