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A milkshake made with Ice Cream and Latina Pussy. What happens is you go to a mexican ice cream store you ask for a cucu milkshake and they spread their legs over the blender and jill off, while fingering out some of the "Cucu juice" or as they call it "jugo de cucu" Then they add ice cream to it and blend it and voila! Cucu Milkshake!
Jack: Every time I go to mexico, I often go to bang the finest Latinas. MMM mmm. Psst..don't tell my wife. My favorite part about it is eating their wet pussy, and tasting the juice. Now, I want to share the juice with you! With my all new Cucu Milkshake. It's very authentic, with ice cream and fresh Latina Cucu. How you doin?
by bojzzle April 09, 2009
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