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The term is derived from the words 'cubs' and 'obsession'. It describes the obsession that Chicago White Sox fans with all things relating to the Chicago Cubs.

Most White Sox "fans" have this cubsession due to an inferiority complex, often times stemming from having grown up or living on the southside, which is obviously the shitty part of town. Also feeding into the cubsession is the fact that many of the cubsessed waste their money paying union dues, while their bosses, who don't throw away money to unions, often get to take the afternoon off to go to Cubs games.

Some felt that the Cubsesion would have ended after a fluke occurance couple years back, but they were sadly mistaken.
These idiot Sox fans worry more about the Cub than they do about their supposed favorite team. They suffer from a serious cubsession.
by MaxPower525 September 22, 2008
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