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To Cubeworld is to promise someone, or many individuals, the whole world for a small investment, give them a small fraction of what you promised and then go ghost for the remaining of eternity with your newfound wealth.
Guy1 in 2012: "Dude, Cubeworld has so much promise! I'm very excited for what Picroma has in store for it! I'm buying early access as we speak!"

-6 years later-

Guy1 in 2019: "My patience astounds the average Joe. I'm still excited for the next update even though the last update was 6 years ago."

Wolfram von Funck: -Laughs in Opulence-

| Guy1 has effectively been Cubeworld'd |
by Movianne February 20, 2019
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A kick ass game that is taking for ages to be made by its developer Wollay who is taking more than a year to release a single fucking update. It is almost definitely vapor-ware. To bad those quests have hard monsters. Newb Alert.
Jonny: "Bro those quests are so cube world"

Alex: "Tell me about it. Their almost vapor-ware"
by TheBlozer March 11, 2014
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A lackluster game developed by Wollay for the past 6 years without community feedback.
I can't believe that Cube World was a flop.
by Diffraktor October 18, 2019
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