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Someone who works in a call centre, in those small enclosed call cubicles. They often have to follow call scripts and proceedures and claim to be /sound knowledgeable on the subject that youre calling about, when really they dont know that much at all. Any variation from the cube, leaves them unable to talk with you, both literally and in terms of knowledge.Sometimes they can bwe quite unhelpful and leave you feeling like you've gotten nowhere.
I tried to call XYZ Company today for some support, and all I could do was to speak with some CubeMonkey who kept telling me to check I'd plugged it in that it couldn't be them /wasnt their problem.
by Richard Smith July 20, 2006
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one who works in a cubicle
John doesn't have an office at his job, he is a cube monkey
by chazz drizzler March 30, 2007
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